How to Find a Sensory Deprivation Tank Near Me

One of the greatest fears in life is the fear of facing yourself. Truly knowing one’s self forces you to examine your every weakness. To make this an easier process, medical experts came up with a simple yet effective tool called sensory deprivation therapy. The therapy is made successful by the use of a cabin known as a sensory deprivation tank.

With the tank’s aid, the senses of the patient are subjected to contemplate all facets of life. Successful sensory deprivation occurs when the consciousness of a person is fully examined in the sensory tank. The therapy is a type of meditation that leaves the patient healthy and happy. This is because it not only helps you know yourself but also equips you with actionable ideas to enable you deal with every aspect of your life. Below is an overview of the sensory deprivation tank.

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A Brief History of the Float Tank

To test the effects of sensory deprivation, John Lilly came up with the float tank. This was back in 1954. The float tank is a unique tank that is soundproof and insulated from the inside. The tank has water containing approximately 800 pounds of Epsom salt which helps in buoyancy. The water is maintained at body temperature so you will not be able to know where the water begins or ends. The tank is 8 foot long enabling the patient to float comfortably.

The patient is required to lie horizontally in this closed cabin in silence. Earplugs can be worn to ensure no amount of noise leaks inside the tank. Absolutely no light penetrates into the tank. Total darkness is thus achieved. All of this creates a void that makes your hearing to take an outsized importance.

The main secret behind the deprivation tank is that it eliminates any external stimulus. Your mind is forced to focus on one main thing. This results in a high level of clarity and awareness hence allowing the mind to run wild in hallucinations. The water envelops you and you cannot feel your body. It is in this surreal experience and puzzling emptiness that your mind begins to wander. In case of cabin fever, you are allowed to get out of the tank.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Benefits

There are many advantages of being in an sensory deprivation tank. The tank makes the therapy successful and in turn offers immense health benefits to the patients. These benefits include:

a. It allows you to recognize your body’s inner potential. This is achieved by opening the mind to a wide level of awareness and awakening the conscious.

b. The therapy acts as a calming medication.

c. Sensory deprivation relieves the body from any form of chronic pain.

d. Medical experts also claim that the sensory exercise reduces stress and anxiety.

Recent comments and testimonials from patients who tried out floating in the tank have suggested that the sensory deprivation tank offers nothing but quality and satisfactory medical services to the human body. The experiences of people have been captured from their comments.

The famous comedian Joe Rogan was quoted saying, “I think that the sensory deprivation tank is among the best incredible equipment that aids in personal growth. It is the best instrument that you could ever find,” He added, “Through floating in the tank, I have been able to understand myself, my personality, my character and the effect of my presence when I am with other people”

Dr. Darren Weissman, a well-trained physician who has floated since 1986, says, “I am fully convinced and persuaded that floating in the sensory tank has taught me on how to get myself out of the world. From this, I learnt several disciplines that have activated the healing abilities of my body parts. For me, floating is not just about fronting the adverse phases of life. Instead, it is more of being conscious of my life and rising in my strengths. Let the few yet good moments be felt. This makes life more fun. Thanks to the deprivation tank.”

Frederickson also claims that he just found out that there was no other exercise that produces consistent and effective results as the exercise in the isolation tank. He says, “I still use this tank mainly to reduce my back and chest pains,” he continues. “The tank has been my best medicine for it has helped lessen the chronic pain.”

Shane Stott says, “The water in the tank has no gravity and it thus expands my spine. This has in turn helped my joints.” Stott adds that, “Meditation is just meditation. However, floating in the isolation tank makes the meditation easy and fun!”

The above and many other testimonials of people’s experiences in the tank has greatly increased the trust of people in this tank.

The body is a sensitive structure that is prone and vulnerable to any kind of physical or psychological distraction. The distraction may disorient the proper functioning of the internal and external structures of the body. For this reason, having a sensory deprivation practice in the isolation tank will be a beneficial decision to you. Try out the health practice and be among the millions praising it. You will never regret spending any penny on this practice. What are you still waiting for? Waste no time!!

How to find a sensory deprivation tank near me?

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